Welcome to the world of Bajaj Engineering. We’re enormously proud of our long history that dates back more than 52 years, founded in 1962 by B.R Bajaj and an extended family that includes a team of talented professionals, many of whom have been working for Bajaj Engineering for decades.

Our beginnings were humble. We started with ship spares, machine jobs and repairing of gears and we expanded our facility. As time changed, technology changes happened in the house setup of gear cutting machinery with manufacturing of all types of mechanical and semi automised machinery gears spares as per requirement of the customers. We are also involved in making of custom spares of best quality and long life durability.

Bajaj Engineering is thriving and has grown with customers across the country. We shall continually improve our technical services, our quick response, and our relationships with our many valued customers.

We will continue to expand and improve our comprehensive gearbox repair and testing services. We will continue our strategic growth and our capital investments to become predominate in that market. Customer service will not be compromised. We will review every order to understand the customer’s expectation then strive to exceed them. We will only accept orders that we can complete successfully. Complete honesty, integrity and credibility will be the guiding principal in all of our interactions with our customers, our employees and our vendors. Special emphasis will be placed on educating and training our workforce so they achieve the finest skills in the industry. Each employee will be instilled with responsibility for quality and customer service.

Why Bajaj Engineering ?

SPEED : We combine over 52 years of experience with modern manufacturing facilities and an extensive inventory to deliver fast and impeccable service.

EXPERIENCE : We designed and repair hundreds of specified gearboxes. Naturally within the shortest delivery time possible. From first contact to final commissioning, our engineers will work with you to find a solution that is best for your application.

INNOVATION : The engineering capabilities within Bajaj Engineering resulted in a innovative repair design.

SAFETY & QUALITY : Bajaj Engineering continues to strive for the highest quality of service with the best possible safety record.

We have several types of Machine we work with

  • Gear Hobbing 10-6 Toss
  • Gear shapes supercut Milano
  • Big gear hobbing HEWKS
  • R. S Hydraulic 3no. machine
  • Radial Drill
  • Lathe Machine Made by : Rajendra
  • Vertical Lathe Made by : Lawrence
  • Boring ( wmw )
  • And all Necessary equipments